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AV IP Solution is an intellectual property firm. We fill a void in the intellectual property market by incorporating professional knowledge of intellectual property, consumer law, and technology law into the practice of patents and trademarks.

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We provides you services that are customized and affordable patent support that translate invention, innovation and creativity into high quality enforceable solution to cover every aspect of the idea.

AV IP Solution has a strong team of professionals in it's patent and trademark law practice, delivering a variety of custom-tailored services in the domains of trademarks, patents, and designs/copyright.

These specialized services include auditing our clients' intellectual property portfolios and developing a master plan for optimal protection and safeguards in day-to-day operations.

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Patent Drafting 90%

Patent Filing 85%

Desgin Illustration 92%

Design Filing 82%


Trademarks 91%

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The AV IP Solution is perfect!
It is a patent and trademark law practice with a pleasant and creative staff of technically competent
and experienced legal experts who think beyond the box.

Prior Art Search .

Prior art is significant because it governs an invention's capacity to obtain intellectual property (IP) rights.

Patent Drafting.

We draft both provisional and complete patent applications based on a sound understanding of the applicable patent laws.

Patent Filing.

Filing for a patent is a rigorous procedure that requires the inventor to offer a thorough explanation of their invention.

Design Illustration.

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in digital published media.


The process of advocating for the patentability of your created machinery, techniques, methods, or systems is known as patent prosecution

PCT application

The PCT is a globally recognized framework for commencing universal utility patent coverage with a single filing. It only initiates the international filing procedure.


A design patent may be granted for decorative arrangement, surface ornamentation, or both. However, it must be issued for an item.


Copyright is a type of licensed innovation security conceded under Indian regulation to the makers of unique works of initiation like abstract works


Trademarks serve as identification of origin. They identify one trader's goods or services from another and can take numerous forms, including phrases, slogans, logos

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There are millions and billions of people in the world working hard day and night to achieve their goals, some hit the bullseye and most miss it by a small margin, Our vision is to be the catalyst in the process of people achieving their goals, to make that place, where success resides, accessible to people of every nook and corner of human society, to make sure your hard work does not remain unnoticed.

Venkatesh Bharti

CEO, Director

A solution finder with a curiosity to find the answers to the most pressing questions. Engineer by profession, having more than 12 patents, Expertise in Buisness Development, Research and Product Development.

Amitesh Sinha

CFO, Co-Founder

Mechanical Engineer with Patents and Designs Expertise, Person with years of professional experience in Research, Product Development, and Management. .


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At AV IP Solution, security and confidentiality are an ethical imperative,
and you can be guaranteed that we will secure confidential information as if it were our own..

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Very pleased with the service, couldn't have asked for more, I did not have any experience of filling patent before, but the guys at AV IP Solution made me feel very comfortable right from the start, all they needed to know was what I had in my mind regarding my vision and they did the rest from drafting to filling the patent.

Krishan Verma

Great service at very reasonable price, all you have to do is explain them what you want and they will do the rest.

Komal malik

It is pleasure working with you AV IP Solution

Harsh Gupta

Couldn't have thought of anyone else other than AV IP Solution to file my patent.

Amandeep Singh

The professionals from AV IP Solution have been good and they still are.

Seema Sharma

We're delivering a variety of custom-tailored services in the domain of IPR.

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